Thursday, 5 May 2011

First Oyster Blog

Hi and welcome to our blog... we are a new catering company in Winnipeg, MB that will be specializing in fresh oysters on the half shell. We are traveling to BC soon to meet some oyster farmers and to attend the Cortes Island Oyster Festival (

Prairie Oyster Catering was started by Peter Reimer and Marshall Posner while downing some tasty village bay oysters after a doubles squash match. Peter had been talking to Rob Klombies (manager, WSRC) about Oyster Boy restaurant in TO and Rob mentioned that they had got their start by catering until they grew to the point where they could open a restaurant. Peter thought about this later and realized that Winnipeg didn't have an oyster catering company so why not start one here. As with most of Peter's ideas, it sat around and did nothing until he brought it up with Marshall over oysters. Marshall had recently sold his company and was looking for something to do. He was always interested in the food and service industry so the 2 of them decided to make a go of it and Prairie Oyster Catering was born!

Peter and Marshall are heading to Vancouver Island for the May long weekend to tour some farms, meet oyster people, eat oysters, get recipes, learn everything they can about oysters and hopefully set up direct sourcing to Winnipeg from cool, hippy, left coast oyster farmers that they meet on their trip. This blog will try to document the start up of this crazy idea and our escapades along the way.

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