Monday, 13 June 2011


I had some issues with Priceline this morning... this is what I emailed them after spending an hour on the phone with their hapless call centre staff...

I am very unhappy with my transaction with Priceline. I booked a vehicle through Priceline for a 8am pick up at a cost of $145. I checked my itinerary today and Priceline changed my pickup time to 6pm. I tried to modify the pick up time back to 8am but the prices were $100-+400 more.

I called customer service and spent an hour talking to 3 people and no one was able to help me. All I wanted was a similarly priced car for an earlier pick up.

Thanks for wasting my morning and wrecking my first day of my trip. Unless this is rectified I will never use Priceline again and will speak badly about your services for the rest of my life to everyone I know. Actually I probably won't... it's only $100 and I'll spend the day in Vancouver drinking good coffee and enjoying the scenery until I can pick up my vehicle at 6pm while whoever does or doesn't read this works at their shitty job in a shitty office for a shitty company.

See you in hell Priceline!

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